Father’s day giveaway: Urban Accents Grill Master Gift Kit

Urban Accents Grill Masters kit

Our sad little  gas grill is extremely neglected. After a few winters left uncovered, blanketed in snow, it’s now pocked with rust, covered in a thin layer of dust and coated with remnants of burger and bratwurst from a rare summer BBQ in 2012.

So when it came to testing out my Grill Master Kit and Dryglazes, courtesy of the folks at Urban Accents, I took the stovetop route—with a little help from my trusty grill pan, of course. In spite of my grilling aversion, my wings—coated heavily in the Caymen Citrus Dryglaze—were fantastic. Moral of the story: Grill or no grill, Urban Accents makes the good stuff.

Want to give your dad (or baby daddy) the gift of grilling (or roasting) perfection? Enter my Father’s Day Grill Master contest for the chance to win and Urban Accents Grill Master Kit (a $49.95 value)—complete with Vermont Grill, Santa Fe BBQ, Athenian Herb and Mandarin Ginger Dryglazes; and Chicago Steak & Chop, Kansas City Classic Rub, Argentina Steak Rub and Sonoma Pepper Spice Blends.

Entering is easy: Just follow Better with Butter on Pinterest, pin this post, then come back here, fill out the form below (paste the link to your pin in the “Pin link” form). Contest ends June 6.

Enter to win the Grill Master Kit


The Dryglazes couldn’t be easier to use—throw two pounds of meat or fish into a freezer bag, add the packet of Dryglaze and two tbsp. of olive oil, shake/massage the bag to coat the meat, marinate for 20-30 minutes, throw it on the grill and VOILA—caramelized glaze-y deliciousness.

Dryglazed BBQ chicken wings

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