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Milk and cookies

I’m happy to report that after nine months of a pregnancy-induced cooking strike, everyone in Casa DiCosola is once again well fed. Our newest addition is perhaps the most nourished of us all—and he has an appetite that trumps even his mama’s. In his three short months on this earth, this little meatball has managed to more than double in weight!

Knowing that every ounce, every roll, every dimple comes from my milk makes me prouder than anything in this world. Even in the sleep-deprived stupor of a 2 a.m. feeding, I’m bursting with love and joy. With every gulp, his little hand rhythmically opens and closes on my chest—and tugs at my heartstrings. More than mastering the most complex recipes and techniques, these are the best meals I could ever offer, and the best person I could ever hope to feed.

Now before you reach your threshold for saccharine-sweet mushiness, allow me to introduce baby Leo, the best thing I ever baked :).

And speaking of sappiness and baking, I have a ridiculously adorable cookie recipe to share with you all soon (sneak peek above!), inspired by my little baby bear and some maternity-leave Pinterest browsing. It will be part of a larger post about tips for royal icing sugar cookies—cookies that hold their shape, flawless decorating tricks, etc. Stay tuned.

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