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    Photo Files: Confessions of a prop-aholic

    My name is Jada and I have a problem. I can’t stop bringing home props for my food photography. Gilded glass bowls from estate sales; fabric scraps from JoAnn’s; paper straws from the dollar bins at Target. If $1 vintage pastel parfait bowls are wrong, I don’t want to be right … So, it’s only appropriate that the first post in my Photo Files series is: PROPS. Tips on using props to improve your food photos 1) Color. Not all food styling should be perfectly matchy-matchy. I get a lot of ideas for great color combinations from design and wedding blogs. Pinterest is another endless source of inspiration. Slight variations on complementary colors…

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    Driving traffic to your food blog—an addendum

    My original post on driving traffic to your food blog remains one of my most popular—and surprisingly, after almost three years, the information is still all very relevant, in my opinion. But there is one MAJOR traffic-driver that was not on the old list, as it’s only recently popped up, virtually out of nowhere: Pinterest. If you are a food blogger and you are not on Pinterest, create an account and start pinning NOW. Seriously, do it now. ALSO—look to your right and click the button to follow me on Pinterest. Please and thank you. Most likely you’ve heard the buzz about Pinterest; but take it from a blogger than…

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