New year, new binges


Happy 2013! In honor of another year gone by, I thought I’d share my top five most popular 2012 posts—so you can relive all the buttery deliciousness. Personally, it pains me to lay eyes on this carb-laden smorgasbord, as I have willingly subjected myself to 30 days of torture—in the form of the Paleo diet. We have my hubby to thank for that one.

But seriously though, I’m already making some surprisingly delicious dishes—which I think will gain the approval of even the biggest grain and dairy lovers among us. Stay tuned for those.

And in the meantime, enjoy my 2012 top five. Just not in my presence, as the slightest whiff of melted cheese or toasted bread might send me over the edge.

1)  Orange ombre cake

2)  Chilaquiles

3)  Macarons

4)  Veggie burgers

5)  Homemade pasta


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