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Pulled pork, Baklavian treats and aptly named cocktails


Advertising folk and the people who love them are pretty damn fun to hang out with. On the eve of the first day of my new full-time copywriting job, I hung out with some of my favorite people from my old full-time copywriting job.

Marc—marketing guru, general jack-of-all trades, and personal copywriting mentor—was gracious enough to have us all over for a Sunday, North-Carolina-style BBQ.


The air was crisp, the hickory chips were fragrant, the baklava was, errr, “baklavian” (thanks Dana), and the drinks were … uhh … hot tranny messes?

Michael snatched my camera and took some action shots as I, sadly, was more interested in capturing the pork than the people.


“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whaaa?? Hot tranny messes? Get back to that part!” you say. OK. It really isn’t all that scandalous.

Fred the Hot Tranny Mess is the cocktail creation of Marc’s lovely and hilarious wife, Chris. It’s a mixture of unknown measurements of tequila, cranberry juice, lime juice, Cointreau and pink champagne. Yeah, exactly.

Cranberry margarita

OK, now that I’ve cleared that up, let’s get back to the BBQ.




After the unbelievably tender, 4-hour-slow-cooked pulled pork and delicious potato salad and coleslaw a la Chris, there were cupcakes from Phoebe’s (thanks Liz) and my homemade baklava.

Seems that whenever I’m in the same room with a pastry, it doesn’t live to be photographed. Remember this poor scone? The red velvet cupcake suffered the same fate:

Red velvet cupcake

This event also marked my baklava rematch—a long story which I’ll tell when I post the recipe (coming soon).



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