Me + g.e.b. = good Combos

The gourmet-ification of classic snack food is a trend I can really get behind. That’s why, when presented with the opportunity to have lunch at Graham Elliot Bistro (g.e.b.), sample his take on Combos (of cheddar cheese and pretzel fame) and interview the man himself (culinary dynamo and all-around badass), I jumped at the chance.

On a noble quest to differentiate between a bad combo and good Combos, we sampled some interesting and surprisingly delicious flavor pairings—all in Combos form:

Pineapple and peanut butter, egg and cheese (sous-vide egg yolk piped into a Combos shell and dusted in tomato powder), Chicago style hot dog (with all the fix-ins) and for the finale, pickles and ice cream—each presented by Graham himself with humor and enthusiasm.

And because one cannot subsist on Combos alone, we also enjoyed a more well-rounded lunch—the highlight of which was a velvety fig risotto studded with crispy bits of guanciale, and fresh-baked cookies AND milk. As Dave pointed out, a chef who serves his chocolate chip cookies with milk isn’t messing around.

Then, the best part—the chance to pick Graham’s brain in a one-on-one interview. I’ll post that Q&A soon, so stay tuned.


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