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Mango Mojitos

Sky and Water

I am clinging on to summer for dear life. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the fall, I just hate that season whose name we won’t speak that follows it.

I figure if I keep posting summer recipes I can hang on a little longer.

And we can thank our friend Mike’s mom, Mrs. Truckenmiller, for this one. I forget the exact measurements, but this is the gist of it:

Mango mojito

Mango Mojito

(Makes four small drinks. If you’re my kind of people you’ll double this. Or triple it. No judgement.)

You’ll need:

several fresh mint leaves

6 oz rum

2 cups club soda

4 oz simple syrup (2 parts sugar 1 part water, mixed over heat to dissolve the sugar)

4 oz mango nectar

Muddle the mint, mix all ingredients together and serve over ice. And party at your friend’s lake houses until you’re absolutely forced to take refuge inside.

Mango Mojito_2


  • Joelen

    This looks awesome and I love using fruit nectars… and you can count on me making a few pitchers of this when I throw my next Mexican inspired party!

  • Chris Spencer

    I’m with you on stretching out summer as long as possible! So I’ll mix up a batch of these later today, pass ’em around and start the Summer Stretch Fest! People do “Christmas in July” so why not try a “beach party in January” (for those in colder climates)?

    I like the new look guys but still partial to the old avatar 😉


  • Jayzen Freeze

    This is lame….. Just kidding I realllllly want one of these not 27 and never heard of it, the peach one that is. Kudos

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