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Luck of the Chi-rish

There’s nothing quite like St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago.

Starting at the crack of dawn, the city is a blur of green beer, irish whiskey and way more Flogging Molly music than should be legal. Our tradition is to wake up early, gather at someone’s house, eat green eggs, get a good buzz on and head for the bars. This year, I’m bringing a special pre-party treat that should have everyone feeling lucky.

Courtesy of Jelly Shot Test Kitchen (with which I am OBSESSED), I give you, the Luckytini jello shot:


You’ll need:

3/4 cup pear flavored vodka

1/2 cup Midori

1/2 cup diet Sprite or diet 7-up 

1/2 cup 50/50 mix of lemonade from concentrate and water

2 envelopes Knox gelatin

Combine the soda and lemonade mix in saucepan and sprinkle in gelatin. Let sit for several minutes. Heat over very low heat, stirring constantly, until gelatin is fully dissolved (approximately 5 minutes). Remove from heat. Add the vodka and Midori. Pour into standard loaf pan, and refrigerate until fully set – several hours or overnight.

Cut into cubes (it helps to run a butter knife under hot water, then cut the jello squares with the warm, still slightly wet knife. Otherwise, the knife creates jagged edges). Garnish with edible gold glitter.

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