Hello, it’s me …

I was wondering if after all these years you’d like read …

And go over everything …

They said I’m supposed to blog …

But I ain’t done much bloooooggggging.

Better With Butter has been in existence for almost a DECADE, ya’ll. But after a brief (*cough* 4 years *cough, cough*) hiatus, I’m realizing that a lot has changed in the food blogging world. In fact, the term itself is revealing my lack of with-it-ness. “Influencer” is now the preferred nomenclature thanks to that new-fangled insta-whatever that all the kids are using.

Unfortunately, the only thing I’ve influenced in the past 4 years, food-wise, are the snack choices of a of couple tiny dictators. (See exhibit A)

Exhibit A

Cheerios fly while I pine away for long, uniterrupted days cooking, photographing and blogging (er…influencing). Occasional peeks at Google Analytics reveal a steady flow of incoming traffic despite a lack of posting, all while time-on-page metrics dip into depressingly low territory … *sigh*.

What does the food blogosphere (oh dammit, now I’ve really date myself) even look like in 2018? What am I up against? How can I rev this engine? BUT SERIOUSLY IS THIS ALL TOTALLY A LOST CAUSE?????

(It’s fine. We’re fine. I’m fine.)

So, if you’re still there dear readers (any of you?) …

… Stay tuned for good things to come 🙂




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