George the Pug_2

Don’t worry! This post isn’t about food! The picture you see above is not the next hot exotic ingredient I picked up at the farmer’s market!

It’s George the Pug. My neighbor, Ginger, came over the other day to ask me if I’d like a new side gig as a dog walker to her precious pug George. The whole time I was walking him today, all I could think was how freakin’ cute he is.

It being our first date and all, I didn’t have the heart to bring him back to an empty apartment right away, so after our walk I took him up to my place for a few minutes, gave him a bowl of ice water (just the way he likes it, apparently) and held a little impromptu photo session to commemorate our first walk together. Don’t worry—the flash was off—no animals were unnecessarily irritated in the making of these photos.

First I let him run around and get the “oh wow, this is new!” sniffing out of his system.

George the Pug_3

Then, he made himself at home on my couch (don’t worry Dave, he was on a towel which I promptly threw in the wash) …

George the Pug_6

George the Pug_5

… then on the floor …

George the Pug_10

… then in the bathroom …

George the Pug

What a face!

George the Pug_9

Then it was time to go home and fix him another bowl of ice water. I’m looking forward to many more walks with George.


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