Bad Economy Brunches


So yes, the economy is in the crapper. I was laid off several months ago from my job as a copywriter at a downtown ad agency.

Several of my friends are either in the same boat or are experiencing the joy of Furlough Fridays (unfortunately accompanied by a not-so-joyous pay cut).

But this isn’t a pity party. Oh no. My freelancing and furloughed friends and I have adopted the “this economy sucks so let’s brunch” position.

Apparently this has become a collective outlook, because for the past five or so weeks, our regular Friday brunch spots (so far Bongo Room, Ann Sather, Nookies and today, Uncommon Ground) have been packed to the doors with people.

These brunches are a time to catch up and treat ourselves to something that’s within our price range (6.50 eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast, anyone??). Hordes of people seem to be enjoying this same simple pleasure.

Am I crazy or are you noticing this, too? They say alcohol and candy sales stay strong, and perhaps even rise, in a bad economy—could it be the same for breakfast/brunch? It is the cheapest meal to eat out, that is, if you curb the mimosa intake. I’d be interested to see some news on the topic…

…OK, now on to the good stuff. Today’s fabulous brunch at Uncommon Ground:


Mmmm…this sour-cream-topped delight is the Montana Omelette, with bacon, cheddar, potatoes and scallions. Oh, and more potatoes on the side. Starchy goodness.


Liz and Melissa both ordered the Uncommon Breakfast Melt, because they’re on a mission to try every menu item that even slightly resembles a breakfast sandwich. This one has over-easy eggs, nueske black peppercorn bacon, cedar grove white cheddar cheese, organic spinach and onion black bread.

Now if that isn’t the most gourmet breakfast sandwich in Chicago, then I don’t know what.

I think Lauren got the summer scramble, which was blocked from photographic view by about 12 glasses of diet coke.

Finally I’m with my people, Lauren gushed. I took this to mean she missed us, but actually she was just happy to be among company who share her diet coke compulsion.

I love the brunches, but really I’m in it for my girls : ).


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