A work of kitchen art

Take a look at this beauty:



This is my GORGEOUS KitchenAid Mixer. I just wanted to introduce you all. You’ll be seeing a lot of her on this blog in the future. Here’s one last glamor shot to hold you over until I get some mixer recipes up:



  • Hi Jada!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog…I’m glad you liked it! I am SOOO jealous of your kitchen aid stand mixer! I’m still using my kitchen aid hand mixer, which does the job let’s face it, but it’s no stand mixer!! Also, I LOVE your photos here. I’m really new to the food photography–what kind of camera are you using?
    P.S. I’ll be friending you on FB.

  • Thanks! I know, isn’t the mixer amazing! As far as the photography thing, I’ve been into it for a while but just got a new camera–A canon EOS Rebel XS–it is supposed to be the best one in it’s class and I LOVE it so far. I use the manual setting so I can adjust the aperture (what gives some of the photos a nice sharp foreground and a blurry background) and shutter speed, both allow for good pictures in low light without the need to use the flash. And I got my camera refurbished at RefurbDepot.com. Hope that helps!

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