A tribute to Rick Bayless

Image from TallGrassBeef.com

Image from TallGrassBeef.com

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that Rick Bayless is officially my new favorite celebrity chef. Sorry Paula. I love you too, it’s just that Rick has really won me over during his rise to the finale, and subsequent win on Top Chef Masters.

Is it just me, or does he truly seem like one of the nicest, most sincere and passionate people you could ever want as a culinary idol? Of course this would mean nothing if his food wasn’t PHENOMENAL.

Image from Chicago.grubstreet.com

Image from Chicago.grubstreet.com

Joe’s wins as my favorite Chicago restaurant, but only by virtue of their stone-crab stronghold. But Bayless’ Frontera Grill is right up there as one of my favorite dining experiences—EVER.

So congrats on your Top Chef Masters win Rick—you totally deserve it.

Buy Rick’s cookbooks here. And don’t forget to give the Queen of Buttah some love too.


  • Ugh, spoiler alert much? I hadn’t yet seen the final episode of TCMasters. However, I sorta figured Rick would take it down. He’s just a lot smarter than most people, clear-headed, balanced and cool.

  • Ha, sorry Greg! I almost didn’t post for that reason, but I figured I’d given people a day to clear their TIVO queue so I might be OK : ). I myself was informed by Chicago’s RedEye before I had a chance to watch. Definitely a good way to describe Rick’s demeanor in the competition!

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